The Best Way to Meet New People

When you are in network marketing, the lifeblood of your business is the new blood in your business. If you are tired of feeling frustrated because you aren’t meeting people, here are some suggestions.

While meeting people may come easy to some people, it doesn’t come easily to everyone. It can be challenging and frustrating if you are not sure how to speak to people or even where to meet them.

Easy Places to Meet People

#1 – Attend a Networking Event

#2 – Attend a Party

#3 – Look On Meet Up

All of the above places, people expect to meet people they haven’t met and speak with them. The hard part is then talking to them. Most network marketers make the rookie mistake of telling people a whole story about their business when someone asks what they do and this is a big turn off.

If you are not having good results with your networking, that could be because you are telling people too much and making them feel like you are trying to sell them. Calm down, get the commission breath back in your mouth and ask them some questions about themselves. This should be out of genuine curiosity and not because you want to use this information to sell them.

Once you start speaking with people in a way that makes them want to keep talking to you, it isn’t hard to meet new people. They start to introduce you to their friends and it just keeps going.

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